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Apotop Smartsuit 3-in-1 Adapter

$19.99 $4.99

Brand Apotop

A major inconvenience for MacBook users is that the the internal SSD in the MacBook is hard and expensive to replace. Your storage drive space is limited! The Apotop SmartSuit has been designed to address this shortcoming! Using the seldom used SD card slot on your MacBook, and the Apotop SmartSuit, you can effortlessly upgrade the capacity of your Apple MacBook! The Apotop SmartSuit is 9mm shorter than your standard adapter so it fits your Macbook better making it unnecessary to remove the device as you transport your Macbook!



  • Compatible with Macbook (Pro 13, Air 13, Pro 15 and Pro 15 Retina
  • microSD card is not included