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Apotop Wi-Reader Pro

$59.99 $29.99

Manufacturer: Apotop
Part Number: P46712

The Apotop Wi-Reader Pro is the ideal companion device to any smart phone or tablet. Using this one simple device as a wireless transfer hub, you can transfer files between your iOS or Android devices and USB drives or SD cards. Use the Wi-Reader Pro as the ultimate streaming device and you can share photos, music and HD movies to multiple iOS or Android devices simultaneously. As a wireless router, you can create a personal wifi hotspot for your laptop, tablets, and smart phones with a wired or wireless internet connection. And, the Wi-Reader Pro can also be used as a power bank to power your mobile devices whenever you need. The Wi-Reader Pro is the all-in-one device you definitely want in your bag when you travel.


Are you running out of storage space on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch? The Apotop Wi-Reader Pro can add wireless storage to your iOS or Android devices instantly. With the free App, you can store and access music, photos, movies, and files on your USB drives or SD cards wirelessly with no need for Internet connectivity.


Ideal for family vacations or long car rides, the Apotop Wi-Reader lets you stream movies, photos, and music, to up to 5 iOS or Android devices at the same time with the free Wi-Reader App. No more fights trying to see a single screen. Everyone can watch it on their own device!


With the Apotop Wi-Reader Pro, you can conveniently take any internet connection and share the connection wirelessly and securely with multiple devices in minutes. Connect your laptop, tablet or smartphone all at the same time.

Power Bank

With the built-in 2600mAh, the Wi-Reader Pro can be the external battery for your mobile devices when you needed it the most. Simply switch to the power bank mode and connect your USB charger cable, the Wi-Reader Pro will charge your device quickly and reliably.


Easy to use Wi-Reader Pro App

The Wi-Reader App is easy to navigate and loaded with features. It can upload and download files between your iOS or Android devices and USB drive or SD card. It can also playback movies, photos, music and document files in different formats on your iOS or Android device wirelessly without an internet connection. Best of all, the App is completely free.

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