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Fitbit Charge HR


Manufacturer: Fitbit
Part Number: P15541

Setting fitness goals is one thing, but staying motivated poses a bigger challenge. With the Fitbit Charge HR wristband tracker, you don't have to worry about the details. It automatically monitors heart rate without cumbersome chest straps as well as activity all day and night, so you can accurately track real-time stats and measure your progress.

More Information

Your willpower bends and your senses conspire against you as fresh baked muffins hit the counter. "Just a coffee, please" echoes in your head, but your lips start to say mmm and "muffin's" gonna stop 'em. You want this. In fact, maybe you've earned it. A quick look at your Fitbit Charge fitness tracker confirms -- yes you have.

The bright, clear OLED display shows you how many steps you've taken, and how far you've travelled already today, along with all the calories you've consequently burned. It all comes flashing back: the brisk walk with the dog this morning, all those trips up and down the office stairs -- it all adds up.

As you're looking, your Fitbit alerts you of an incoming call. Seeing the name instantly reminds you, you've got a date on the squash court in an hour. Those calories don't stand a chance.

You'll take the big one, please.

Why you need this

  • Track all your activity, accurately: Get all-day stats like steps taken, stairs climbed, distance travelled, active minutes, and calories burned.
  • Real-time run stats: When paired with your smartphone you can access real-time run data such as distance, pace, and time.
  • Stay connected, hands-free: Sync with your smartphone to get incoming call notifications.
  • Sleep soundly, wake peacefully: Monitor your sleep patterns and set a silent, vibrating alarm to wake you.
  • One charge, days of use: Enjoy 7 - 10 days battery life from the rechargeable battery.
  • See your stats, bright and clear: OLED display is easy to read, day or night.
  • Connect and sync wirelessly: Sync all your stats automatically via Bluetooth to your compatible smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • See your progress, share your progress: With the Fitbit Dashboard app, you can record your workouts, log food, see your progress, set your goals, and share or compete with friends and family.