iHome iP42 Dual Alarm Clock Radio

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Manufacturer: iHome
Part Number: P17755

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iHome iP42 speakers delivers quality sound that can fill your space. The sound is influential and loud enough for this size of the dock. One of the positives of this cute radio dock is your iPhone or iPad can be charged while you are listening to your music. Also, the whole device is very minimal and lightweight so that you can easily take it to any room. The digital screen is very sharp and easy to read from distance.


Wake and Sleep

  • Wake or sleep to iPod, iPhone, custom playlist, FM radio

    Start or end your day just the way you want it to sound


  • Universal dock to charge and play iPhone or iPod while docked
  • Enjoy your music while keeping your iPhone or iPod fully charged
  • Compatible with All 30-pin iPhone and iPod devices

Alarm Clock

  • Programmable snooze time

    Lets you sleep in a little or a lot with snooze time between 1 and 29 minutes

  • Gradual Wake and Gradual Sleep

    “Slowly increases wake volume and decreases sleep volume to allow a gentle experience.” 

  • 7.5.2 Dual Alarm to wake to iPod, iPhone, FM radio, or buzzer

    2 independent alarms let you wake to any combination of iPhone, iPod, FM radio or buzzer with 7.5.2 alarm settings for full week, work week or weekend with separate wake times/ alarm sources to suit your lifestyle

Time Sync

  • Sync button

    Syncs clock time to always current iPhone,iPod time settings in seconds

Sound Enhancement

  • Adjustable EQ - Bass, treble, 3D and balance

    Bass, treble, 3D and balance controls let you customize your sound


  • FM Radio with 6 preset station 


  • Aux-in jack

    Listen to aux audio sources (e.g., computer, CD player)

  • Sure Alarm battery backup for alarm during power interruptions 

    Sure Alarm battery backup for alarm during power interruptions (batteries must be installed)

  • Daylight Saving Time switch

    quick daylight saving time/standard time adjustment

  • Preset clock
  • Universal 100/240V AC switching power supply
  • 12 or 24 hour display
  • Backlit LCD display with adjustable dimmer 
  • Backlit buttons