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iSkin slim Case for iPhone 5


Brand iSkin

Extremely thin and lightweight, slims for iPhone 5 redefines ultra-thin protection with complete 360 degree rear and front protection and an integrated screen shield.

Less, Gives You More

Formed from pure polycarbonate polymer, slims utilize advanced manufacturing technology that results in a precisely fitting case that's a mere 0.4mm thin, yet amazingly durable and lightweight.

Integrated bubble-free screen protection keeps your iPhone 5 safe and sound from scratches while remaining touch sensitive and clear.

Durable Scratch Protection

Despite its ultra thin design, slims make use of pure polycarbonate hard plastic to resist scratches and help prevent damage to the iPhone 5.

Home Safety

The flexible polycarbonate composite allows slims to cover and protect the iPhone's Home button yet keeping it completely usable.


  • Made from Non-Toxic Materials
  • Non-Conductive
  • Causes No Radio Frequency Interference
  • Highly Flexible and Durable
  • Integrated Anti-Glare Screen Protector
  • Made with Pure BPA-Free Polycarbonate
  • Re-Applicable Double-Sided Adhesion
  • Bubble-Free Screen Protection
  • Heat Resistant up to 85 å¡C / 185 å¡F