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Roam Mobility Travel SIM Card


Manufacturer: Roam Mobility
Part Number: P15490

Tiny Card. Big Results.

Snap the Roam SIM Card into your unlocked phone, then talk, text and surf without limits across the US.


Use your own device

Connect your phone, smartphone or tablet with affordable talk, text and data rates across the US.

Size it up

Get a repluggable SIM card for standard and micro-SIM devices. Roam Mobility also offers nano-SIM cards for the iPhone 5.


Get blazing-fast speeds of up to 42 Mbps on Roam Mobilities nationwide 4G network.

Reliable coverage

Coverage across the nation, from Hawaii to Maine to Washington to Florida.



Insert your Roam SIM Card into any phone, smartphone or tablet and activate it here. Activation takes a few minutes, after which you'll get your own US number. You'll also have access to your account to top up instantly.


Choose a plan

Pay for service only when you travel. No monthly fees or commitments mean you're free to use the service when, and if, you like.


When purchasing a plan you can choose to start it immediately, or set a future start date that coincides with your travel plans.


You can use the SIM card on a simply phone with a talk+text plan, or on a smartphone with a talk+text+data plan, or on a tablet with a data-only plan. See the 'Plans' section of our website for more information on plan options.


To see all available plans, please click here.



Once you've activated your SIM card and purchased a plan, you're ready to go. On arrival, your service will be ready to use. Don't forget to charge your device before you leave. If you have any problems, our Customer Care team is available to get you up and running.


Top up

Top up instantly online, by phone or via text message. We'll let you know when you are nearing the end of your plan, so you'll always stay connected.



When you get home, just pop your original SIM card back into your device to connect back to your Canadian service provider.


Reuse your SIM card anytime you travel in the US. Your card remains active as long as you use it once a year. Just sign-in to your account, and choose a plan.