Satechi Smart Charging Stand


Manufacturer: Satechi
Part Number: P18654

The Satechi Smart Charging Stand charges, docks, and showcases your Apple Watch, FitBit Blaze, or smartphone. Designed with convenience in mind, simply place your device atop the stand for hands-free access whiles your device charges. Featuring an additional three USB ports at the base, you can charge up to 4 USB-powered devices at once. Colors come in silver, gold, and space grey.


Simultaneously Charge Your Devices: The Smart Charging Stand features one USB port inside the stand and three USB ports on the base of the stand, enabling you to charge up to 4 USB-powered devices at once. Please note that charging cable are not included.

Cable Management and Storage: The inner space of the stand is ideal for storing little gadgets like USB adapters, card readers, etc., and helping you coil the charging cable neatly, making your nightstand neat and manageable.

Smart Charging Technology: Power and Voltage Boost combine to charge up to 5V/2.4A Max per port for a total of 6 Amps, each port can automatically detects your device, allowing you to charge your Apple Watch, FitBit Blaze, and iPad, iPhone, Bose Radio or any other devices at the same time without any delay.

Three Included Adapters: The Smart Charging Stand comes equipped with three adapters-one for your Apple Watch, one for your FitBit Blaze, and one for your smartphone. Simply choose your adapter, and fasten it to the station lid to charge the device of your choosing.

Compatible with Apple Watch (also works in Nightstand mode), FitBit Blaze, and almost any USB-powered device

3.5", 2.99", 3.5" , 8.16 ounces

1 Year Manufacture Warranty