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Twelve South BookArc for MacBook and iPad


Manufacturer: Twelve South
Part Number: TS-12-1505

The right tool for the job.

Introducing the BookArc. Each member of the BookArc family has been engineered to firmly grip the Apple device. This stylish and sturdy heavy gauge steel stand also has a built-in cable management system, making it a dream accessory for neatniks, minimalists and anyone else who craves a super tidy workspace. Park your MacBook in BookArc, connect it to your Apple Thunderbolt Display, wireless keyboard and mouse, and your skinny MacBook is now a killer desktop.

BookArc mí_d in three different meticulously crafted hardwood styles blur the lines between furniture and technology. Inspired by the remarkable spaces many MacBook owners inhabit, this beautiful arc-shaped stand elevates your MacBook up off your desk for a clean workspace. Delivered in museum-quality packaging, this impressive stand looks more like a fixture for your home than an accessory for your Mac.

Finally, BookArc Pro is a chrome stand made exclusively to cradle Mac Pro. Crafted from metal, this elegant throne holds Mac Pro securely on its side to operate horizontally vs. the typical upright position. This trims the Mac Pro's height requirement in half, giving you more placement options like a secure equipment rack or a free studio shelf. BookArc also gives your Mac Pro a radically different look that some who "think different" may actually prefer. It's a space saver that makes Mac Pro look like a jet engine... ready to launch your next Mac Pro-driven project into orbit.

Key facts

  • Provides a cleaner, less cluttered workspace
  • Free up valuable desk space by elevating Apple device off the desk
  • Cable management keeps desktop connections handy and accessible
  • Soft silicone inserts available with some models to provide a snug and sturdy fit for Apple devices of various thicknesses